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4.4 | 20 Reviews

3500 E Park Blvd, Plano, TX, 75074
(972) 424-0216


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Onuwa Anwuzia

Verified Resident

Jas and Jermaine are the best. My move was excellent I dont have no complains
carol reed

Sandra the manager was extremely helpful!
Karen 1

Nice place for Singles or Newlyweds. Packed a lot into a small footprint. Some small rooms compensate for some large rooms. Nice large Master Suite. Two very nice guest bedrooms & bathrooms upstairs. Upstairs feels larger than first floor, formal living w/bar & fireplace, guest bath, den/dining combo & kitchen. Backyard best guesstimate 30' X 15'.
Lonnie Harrell

Nice and clean and quite. Maintenance under Mr. Tabauchgrick, is top-notch!
Steph Duncan

My friend lived here for some years. I recently moved here in April and really liked the management. I didn't like the new rules for the parking however but I know Nikki was just following orders. Other than that its quiet. I was upset when I learned she was let go since she was really passionate about what happens on the property, therefore, I don't understand what lead to that decision and why they felt the need to replace her. I hope the new manager is just as passionate. I will be updating and monitoring if there are any changes.
Ericka Sethi

I have bee living here for several years and I have never had any problems. Over the last two years management has changed. The space in these townhomes you can't find anywhere else. Over the last year our manager is Nikki she is a great asset to this complex. She has gone over a beyond getting this complex in Shape. We she took over from the last manager she ran into a mess with plumbing and other issues. She has worked hard getting these issues fixed . She has a open door policy when offices hours are open. She is very polite and professional . She does everything by the book and treats all of the residents with respect. Last week I sent a friend of mine to apply for a apartment here and there was a different lady in the office who treated very rude and didn't know how much the apartments were. But my friend stated there was another applicant who knew more about our complex then the lady who helped her. Living at Shiloh park townhomes has been a wonderful experience. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. It's a quiet community close to great schools and shopping. Let's face it's right in the middle of everything. For awhile we did have maintenance but other came from other complexes until the right guy for the job was hire . I have nothing but good things to say about Him . Thank you Nikki for all of your hard work and keeping our complex running the way it should be !!!!
LoniWan Kenobi

Nice and clean and quite. Maintenance under Mr. Tabauchgrick, is top-notch!
Kimberly Thompson

Just love how spacious my little ole place is :)
Kathi Guillen

I like the fact that they have private fenced in yards. So do my babies.